About Our Product

      We are leading manufacturers of Activated Carbon (GAC), (PAC), Today it is being used as a key ingredient in almost, versatile fields from food. Pharmaceutical, Organic, Textile, Distilleries, Effluent treatment, Gold & Petroleum Refineries, Paints & Sugar industry say this humble ingredient become popular especially due to its adsorbent Quality.

We are specialized in quality proven product A . . . Z as per your needs

   1. Coconut Shells
   2. Coconut Shell Charcoal - Natural Lumps
   3. Coconut Shell Charcoal - Activated Carbon (PAC, GAC)
   4. Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes
We also supply
1. Activated Carbon Fridge & Car deodorizer
2. Activated Carbon Air & Water Filters