Our company MOON CHARC by its consistent quality and qualified experience in the coconut shell charcoal field we can supply at affordable price to match the requirements for various industrial applications.
     MOON CHARC coconut shell active charcoals perform as soil nutrients, soil nourisher. It eradicates long time deposited chemical fertilizer and harmful pesticides and make the soil pure organic. It helps soil porous as cow dung does. All agro food industry uses this products for natural decolouring deodorizing, filtration and distillation process.
     Therefore it is eco-farmer-friendly product. MOON CHARC active charcoals clean the contaminated air and purifies it by adsorbing carbon-di-oxide and other industrial gases therefore used in effluent and sewage treatment plant.
     Due to its high calorific value and fixed carbon it is used in firing briquettes which is smokeless with long burning even distribution of heat throught and find its use in barbeque, hookah shisha, boiler plants and other fuel purpose.

  • Drinking water purification.
  • Sewage treatment plant.
  • Effluent treatment plant.
  • Removal of impurities.
  • Oil, gold & petroleum refineries.
  • Agro & Food processing industries.
  • Pharmaceutical & Alcoholic distilleries.
  • Paint & sugar manufacture.
  • A/C. Filters, water filters & swimming pools.
  • Removal of dioxins, metals, acids and surgical wastes.
  • Treats skin allergy & constipation.
  • Get rid of long stored food particles in both intestines.
  • Cures acidity, therefore human friendly.
  • Health care products such as natural organic dyes, facial creams, toothpaste etc.
  • Briquettes finds it's used in smokeless burning & firing purses in boiler plants as well of barbeque / kitchen.
  • Cures the soil acts a nutrients and nourisher therefore farmer-friendly.
  • Clears the air therefore eco-friendly and consultants suggest it for back to nature.
  • Human-friendly as it is considered as a health conscious pharmacy products.
  • Deodorising and decolouring agent.
  • Garbage burning
  • Snow clearing in Golf Ground