Coconut Shell Charcoal - Briquettes

100% pure coconut shell charcoal is purlverized and mixed with food grade binders in perfect proportion to get high calofic value long buring hours and event distribution of heat throught and finds its used in fuel for boiler Barbeq(BBQ), shisha and hookah also for other firing purpose.
Different forms of shapes are made for various applicaiton.
Special quality of coconut shell charcoall briquettes:
1. Smokeless
2. Qucik ignition
3. Long burning hours
4. Even distribution of heat
5. Odourless
6. Non-Toxix

Different forms of Coconut shells charcoal briquettes available,
1. Cube Shape
2. Pillow Shape
3. Extruder - Hexagonal Shape
4. Extruder - Round Shape
5. Tablet
6. Bricks