Coconut Shell Charcoal - Powder Activated Carbon

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Cocnut shell charcoals are activated and crushed into fines predominantly with a size less than 0.21mm (70 US mesh) are called powder activated carbon.
PAC have high minimum iodine number (measurement of internal surface area) with upto twice the amount of high energy adsorption sites.

BACT Best available control technology uses powder activated carbon for the removal of munispal waste, hazardous industrial waste, medical waste, sewarage waste, sludge which results in the formation of flue gas containg wide range of pollutants. Where PAC is injucted into cooled (< 200 ° C) flue gas.
PAC (320 mesh) is widely used as soil nutrients which neutralize chemical spills, pesticide and fertilizers applied there by nurish the soil.
It is widely used to melt snow on golf courses in spring. Powder activated carbon meet the emissio discharge standards of 0.5 μg / Nm3 mercury and 0.01 ng/Nm3 T.E dioxins throught Eroupe.