Activated Carbon Filters

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Our activated charcoals are high porousific value ranges from 500mg/m2 to 2000mg/m2 internal surface area.
Our pure active carbon filters removes the dust and undesirable smells. We supply activated carbon as a major components and filter media in,
1. Activated carbon pleated panel filters - Remove particulates, gases and odours.
2. Chemically enhanced carbon pleated panel filters - Remove particulates, gases, odours, fumes, acid gases and volatile organic compounds (VOC's).
3. HEGA (High Efficiency Gas Adsorable) Filters - Use activated carbon as a major components to remove a wide range of gases and odours in air purificaton application.
4. Carbon loaded rigid - Box filters - Remove odors with high efficiency in low conentration applicaitons.
5. High Mass Zero Dust (HMZD) Panels - This panels are suitable in airports, museums, semiconductor manufacturing, waste water treatment plants and others where carbon be tolerated.
6. Refillable Carbon Trays - Offer a reduction in replacement cost allowing just the carbon to be changed out, saving the cost of the filter frame.
7. Carbon V-Bank Filters - Offer low- presurre drop, high airflow capacity and excellent gaseous containment removal and are ideal for either new or retrofit applicaitons. The entire filter is disposable and the media can be selected based on the specific properties of the contaminants of concern.

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