Micropore Active Carbon 100% Natural Deodorizer - Fridge & Car Deodorizer

1. 100% Natural fresh air without chemical sprays and fragrance.
2. Eco-Friendly Packing inside with Vigin craft carton box materail fill with micro core activated carbon filled in wooden box which is decompsable.
3. Highly economic long last for 5 months from the date of usage.
4. Zero % Allergy to A/C Headache, Fragrance odour, Astham Free.
5. No -Toxic Natural refreshed air.
6. Non Toxic - Helps to purify air continents emitted by chimical fragrance deodriser.
7. Human friendly - Keeps your car free from odour of pets, fuel, vapour, cigarette & moisture.
8. Feel fresh air as this deodorizer Absorbs all odour rather than masking it.
9. Long Last Minimum of 120 Days.

Instruction for Use:
Peel of ploythene cover and place it with clear surface of double sided it in dash board of your vechile. Don't wet it with water of spill water or beverage or glue on it.

After using 15 days in yours vehicle give your valuable feedback to "feedback@mooncharc.com". To get a surprise gift in your again and again purchase by giving the outer cover without wear & tear to the shop, you purchase. Can be used in refridgerators also.

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